Who manages the program?

The RecycFluo program is operated by Product Care Association (PCA), a non-profit industry association, specializing in product stewardship, on behalf of the manufacturers, distributors and retailers of these products. In June 2012, PCA was recognized by RECYC-QUÉBEC, the agency which oversees recycling programs in Quebec, to implement a "recovery and reclamation system" for mercury-containing light bulbs and tubes. The program has been developed in compliance with Quebec regulations regarding the recovery and reclamation of products by enterprises.

Program funding

RecycFluo is a non-profit program funded by recycling fees paid to the program by the program members on the sale of new mercury-containing light bulbs in Québec. Since October 1, 2012, these sales include retail, industrial, commercial and institutional sales. The recycling fees vary by the type and size of the light. The recycling fees are used to cover all program costs, including the collection, transportation and recycling of mercury-containing light bulbs, as well as public education and program advertising.

In some cases, the recycling fee may appear on product receipts and invoices. It is not a government tax, however, the fee is subject to sales taxes as it is part of the price of the designated product. It is at the discretion of the seller of the product to either display or incorporate the recycling fee. For more information on displaying recycling fees, please visit: http://www.mddefp.gouv.qc.ca/matieres/reglement/recup-valor-entrepr/faq.htm

Here are the fee rates:

Light category (updated April 1st 2016)Typical SizeFee Per Unit
Fluorescent tubes or UV (A or B) tubes measuring 2 feet or less
2 feet$0.30
Fluorescent tubes or UV (A or B) tubes measuring more than 2 feet and less than 4 feet
4 feet$0.50
Fluorescent tubes or UV (A or B) tubes measuring more than 4 feet
8 feet$1.00
Compact fluorescent lights (CFL)
All sizes$0.20
High Intensity Discharge (HID) and Other: Includes all mercury containing HID technologies such as High Pressure Sodium, Mercury Vapour and Metal Halide, as well as mercury containing UV-C, Germicidal, UHP replacement lamps (projector etc.), mercury containing neon replacement lamps, xenon lamps, etc.
All sizes$1.10
Recycled mercury-containing light bulbs
Recycling fees