1. Check if your lamps are recovered by the RecycFluo program

RecycFluo only accepts mercury containing lamps such as fluorescents tubes, compact fluorescent lamps and HIDs.

To check, you can:


2. Estimate the quantity of lamps to be recovered

For less than 1 pallet of lamps: use the map to find your nearest ICI collection site, then bring the lamps directly to it. If possible, package your lamps in boxes to facilitate handling.

For 1 pallet or more: a free pickup service is available. Please contact us directly at 1-888-860-1654 to plan a pickup.

How many light bulbs constitute a pallet?

  • 500 4-foot fluorescent tubes, or;

  • 1,200 CFLs, or;

  • 600 DHI lights, or;

  • A combination of the above.


3. How to organize a pickup

  1. Before preparing your shipment for pickup, please contact us at 1-888-860-1654. A customer service representative will explain the process and send you a collection request form.

  2. The lamps must be placed in boxes and the boxes must be paletted. Once the pallets are ready, you must return the completed collection request form to us.

  3. Once your request has been processed, you will receive a confirmation of the collection date.

Once your lamps have been picked up and processed, you will receive a recycling certificate.