Saint-Léonard Collection Day

RecycFluo Program will participate in the collection day organized by CDEC Saint-Léonard on October 23rd 2014.

Household hazardous waste days

It’s time to recycle ! Several municipalities are organizing collection of household hazardous waste such as mercury-containg bulbs, paints, battery, medicine and other products.

RecycFluo recycled over 4 million mercury containing lamps

Since RecycFluo’s launch in 2012, we have helped consumers and businesses to recycle over 4 million mercury containing lamps, helping to keep hazardous materials out of landfills.

New Campaign

Recycling used light bulbs is brilliant! In this web exclusive campaign, several executions present in a playful manner the different types of fluorescent light bulbs. The usage of interactive banners will allow users to easily locate one of the 400 drop-off depots in the province. In addition, throughout the year, social media will feature humorous content to remind consumers of the importance of recycling fluorescent light bulbs.

New Website Launch

The RecycFluo website has been entirely redesigned in order to provide visitors with a simpler and easier browsing experience, as well as to allow access to all the necessary information they require.



For more information on the RecycFluo program, please contact:

Wendy Rivéti
Program Manager
Product Care Association
TEL.: +1 514-940-4913