Household hazardous waste days

It’s time to recycle ! Several municipalities are organizing collection of household hazardous waste such as mercury-containg bulbs, paints, battery, medicine and other products.

Residents and companies can drop off recyclables during these events throughout September and October!

The municipality of Saint-Augustin-de Desmaures has organized a special drop-off for mercury lamps, electronic products and paints on September 26th and 27th at l’Hôtel de Ville, 200 route de Fossambault G3A 2E3 and Victoriaville is holding the Normand Maurice day, a door-to-door collection on October 18th accepted product list here

Please contact your municipality for further information.



For more information on the RecycFluo program, please contact:

Wendy Rivéti
Program Manager
Product Care Association
TEL.: +1 514-940-4913