Saint-Léonard Collection Day

RecycFluo Program will participate in the collection day organized by CDEC Saint-Léonard on October 23rd 2014.

The goal is to enable companies from Saint-Leonard to drop off their recyclable materials. We will raise awareness by providing companies general information about the program, such as accepted products list, collection sites and direct pickup service.

The collection will take place at the dump for snow in Saint-Leonard, at the corner of Langelier and Grandes-Prairies. Other recycling program like ARPE Quebec will also be in attendance. 

The accepted products list for the collection day is available here.

For any further information you can contact Stéphanie Gagné-Clermont at 514-256-6767 #224 or



For more information on the RecycFluo program, please contact:

Wendy Rivéti
Program Manager
Product Care Association
TEL.: +1 514-940-4913