Lumen Trade Show 2016: April 19th and 21st

RecycFluo will be at Lumen Trade Show : come see us in Quebec or in Montreal!

The RecycFluo program will be on site during Lumen Trade Show. This event is held every 2 years in Quebec and Montreal. It meets the industry demand to sustain the new products and the latest innovation. For its 9th edition, the exhibition will bring together about 175 exhibitors providers in addition to laboratory sessions (hands-on), seminars and conferences. The target audience included electrician contractors and clients from the commercials, industrials, OEM, consulting engineers, municipals & instutional markets. For more details to go to the event website.

We hope to meet you there!



For more information on the RecycFluo program, please contact:

Catherine Turcotte
Program Director
Product Care Association
TEL.: +1 514-940-4913